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Wing is capable of running on a number of platforms. On all of these platforms, it supports 64bit x86 (Intel and AMD) and ARM (MediaTek, Qualcomm, Apple, ...) chips. Go to your device's system settings to know which version you need.
This pages gives you instructions on how to run Wing on a specific platform. If a platform is not listed here, it is not supported, although you could be able to compile Wing for it.
Wing does not yet have an official installer. Be extremely cautious if you use an unofficial installer, since the Wing developers cannot ensure what this installer does is safe.

Windows, Linux and macOS

Depending on your CPU architecture (x86 or ARM), you will need a different file. wing-*-x64 on x86 (Intel or AMD chips), and wing-*-arm64 on ARM (Qualcomm, Apple or other ARM-based chips).
On Windows ARM, the wing-win32-arm64.exe file may not work. If that is the case for you, try using wing-win32-x64.exe instead.
On Linux, the file you download depends on the libc your system runs on. For most distributions, wing-linux-glibc-* should work; on Alpine Linux you would need wing-linux-musl-*. If you are unsure, you can download wing-linux-*, which is libc-independant but is bigger.
On Windows 11 and macOS, wing-*-x64 will also work on ARM-based chips, at the expense of reduced performance, until Microsoft or Apple removes x86 compatibility from their OS.

Special instructions for Android

It is possible to run Wing programs on Android through Termux. If you want to natively run Wing programs, you will need root access, and since the Wing developers do not recommend you do this, it will not be explained here.
To run Wing programs on Android, follow these steps:
  • First, download wing-linux-arm64 to an easily accessible folder in your device's internal storage (external storage won't work)
    • If you are on an AndroidIA (Intel-based) Android device, or any other Intel/AMD-based Android version, you will need wing-linux-x64 instead
  • Download and install Termux from either GitHub or F-Droid. Do not install Termux from Google Play as it is known to be broken.
  • In your phone's settings, allow Termux to access files and media.
  • Open Termux and wait for it to install.
  • Run the cd /storage/emulated/0 command to go to your device's internal storage, and run ls to confirm you are in the right directory.
    • If you get an error, make sure Termux is allowed to access files and media and completely restart the app.
  • Use cd to go to the directory you downloaded Wing to.
  • Run cp wing-linux-arm64 /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/wing to install Wing.
    • Once again, if you are on an AndroidIA (Intel-based) Android device, or any other Intel/AMD-based Android version, you will need to replace wing-linux-arm64 with wing-linux-x64.
  • Run chmod +x /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/wing to make Wing executable.
  • You can now use the wing command throughout your entire Termux environment. Run wing --version to confirm everything is working.
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